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How to hide IP on iPhone

Whether you are surfing the web from a PC, a tablet or an iPhone, your IP address works much like your physical address. It tells people where you are. Just as your address is listed in the phone book, so your unique IP address (even for your iPhone) is always visible to the website administrators of the pages you visit; and while you may not care whether other websites know who you are or where you are searching from, your IP address could also be accessible to any person who has the tech know to infiltrate your phone documents, contacts, bank information or any other private information you have, and this could be risky business.

This is your privacy and you have a right to it. That’s why you should consider hiding your unique web iPhone IP address while online. This keeps anyone from knowing the websites you visit, or from accessing any of your personal information. The following are a few methods of hiding your iPhone IP.

The Proxy Server

This server acts as an intermediary allowing you to open websites through their web interface, thereby offering their IP address as the one being used and hiding your own. This works well for iPhone web use. The only problem is you must remember to check first if the proxy is set up before opening any URL. When in a rush remembering to open the proxy can be a little time consuming. Additionally, remembering that your own iPhone IP address is only hidden when you visit sites through the hide IP service can cause confusion. In other words, you may think your web surfing activities are safe when they really aren’t because you forgot to set up the proxy on your browser.

Essentially, there are two types of servers: a disguised and an elite proxy. The disguised option identifies itself to the visited website as a proxy server, but still hiding your real IP. An elite option, on the other hand, hides your IP but offers you another genuine IP address instead, making your surf location seem less suspicious.


In the Apple Appstore there are apps that can give you some IP hiding features. However, these often don’t hide your IP address, instead, these hide or lock your personal data, giving you added security against hackers, but not hiding your surfing location, as users from certain countries need. Other apps do offer IP hiding features but work much like a VPN service.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using a VPN service allows you to hide your actual iPhone IP address and gives you a different one from any country you choose, an especially useful feature when you want to access websites that are country specific, such as Hulu or Netflix. This is known as a personal VPN service and is a product offered for personal use. This type of service doesn’t negatively affect your Internet speed as a proxy service can. Additionally, once contracted it automatically connects allowing you to surf any site directly from your browser. You don’t have to remember to open the hide IP website to get the anonymous surfing features you want on your iPhone.

In short, no matter where you live you can change your iPhone IP address just as you can on your computer or tablet by using one of these services. These hide IP services allow you to surf anonymously, thereby giving you access to all websites, no matter what country they are from. With a hide IP service you can view websites that are country blocked, such as Hulu, Netflix, CBS and many more. To hide IP on iPhone may even be a good idea just to ensure your privacy when surfing the web.

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