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Hide IP on all your devices using DD-WRT routers

DD-WRT is an open-source Linux-based firmware developed to enhance and upgrade wireless routers. The firmware was developed to cater for specific router models and it’s usually adopted as a replacement for installed default firmware. Typically, manufacturers come up with routers designed for non-technical users, in the process compromising on their effectiveness as internet connectivity devices. DD-WRT firmware transforms a home-use router with limited functionality into a multi-use, powerful, business-class router.

Benefits of Using DD-WRT Routers

Hiding IP with DD-WRT routers offer numerous benefits ranging from enabling users to create Wi-Fi hotspots at homes, enhancing signal transmission strength, to encrypting all the data transmitted in their network by tunneling the traffic via a VPN connection. Other benefits include VPN pass-through capabilities, radius authentication for enhanced wireless security, virtual local area network (VLAN) support, advanced quality of service, and Network Address Translation (NAT) support.

DD-WRT Support for PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), L2TP and OpenVPN are distinct protocols used for logging into virtual private networks in order to encrypt the network connection and secure the users identity. PPTP adopts a control channel over a GRE and TCP tunnel operating to encrypt data packets. This protocol is widely used to offer additional security levels and provide remote access for VPN services. When you use the L2TP/IPSec VPN protocol, the “tunnel” (Internet connection) is encrypted with the IPSec protocol. The tunnel is therefore provided by the L2TP and the encryptions come from the IPSec. On the other hand, an OpenVPN protocol is a full featured SSL virtual private network solution that has the capacity to accommodate various configurations. These configurations include Wi-Fi security, home and office telecommuting, road warrior access, and more.

Enhanced Network Security with DD-WRT

DD-WRT allows one to customize one’s router to automatically reroute and improve data security courtesy of the enhanced VPN pass-through capabilities. A virtual private network pass-through not only enhances security, but also protects the data from unwanted prying eyes of other internet users. Other salient benefits include access to myriad of applications and websites that are geo-blocked like HULU, YouTube, and Netflix. Additionally, with a DD-WRT router one can also connect their XBOX, Apple TV and other entertainment devices to internet and still access VPN services. A VPN service grants the user full control over his/her internet presence. Instead of transmitting the packets of data directly through the internet, a VPN encrypts the data first then transmits it. In addition, VPN service (keyword) providers offer the customer a different IP address to enable the user to surf the internet anonymously.

How DD-WRT Routers Enhance Your VPN Service

DD-WRT open-source firmware offers the user the opportunity to select from a wide selection of VPN capabilities with PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN protocols. The set-up ensures that no log in process is required to activate the virtual private network on any external device, unless one wishes to change the server settings. This makes it simple and easy to connect all your devices, even those that don’t have native VPN support, and still enjoy all the benefits accrued from using a VPN service. This enables the user to browse the web safely and securely using any device connected to the router.

Do you Still Need a VPN Service Provider?

In order to be able to encrypt the data passing through your router, you need to have an active subscription with a VPN service provider. However, subscribing to reputable VPN service providers ensures that the DD-WRT router doesn’t affect internet connectivity.

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