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How to hide IP on Android

There are many reasons why an Android phone user would need to hide their IP address. Privacy is a top concern for most people and having an option to hide your IP address can protect your identity. Many websites are not accessible from other countries, so having control over your IP identity can truly make a difference in your Internet experience.

By using an Android VPN, you can protect your identity and the information on your country so that it cannot be viewed by others. This means that you are using a protected network that allows you to use its IP to access the Internet.

Many apps help to hide IP addresses. One of the most popular apps for Android users is Hidemyass.com. This app works just the same as a proxy does on a Mac or PC. This VPN takes all of the information that the Android web browsers send out into the vast Internet and it hides the information behind a fake IP address that allows the user to remain completely anonymous.

Before you install any type of IP protection app, it is important that you fully read all of the installation instructions. Each application will install in a different way, so it is vital that you read up on all of the information before you continue in the installation and setup process.

Most of the tools that allow for IP hiding will require you to download the file and the key. You will go through the setup process and then will be required to enter in your key to continue. Once you have completely setup your selected app, you will then use the browser that comes with the app when you want to browse anonymously.

While some of the VPN apps require your Android device to be rooted, not all of them do. There are many different options for protecting your identity on the Internet, so it is best to research the different methods to find which one works best for you.

Along with these available VPN applications, you can also manually configure VPN on Android to work with VPN or a proxy. You have to follow all the instructions for your Android version. Usualy it’s really easy to do that and you will have to know just VPN servers and your login details. It is also recommendable to create a shortcut to your home screen to make it easier co connect next time. For setting up a manual VPN connection you have to go to your settings and find VPN menu (in Android 4+ it’s under “More” menu point. There you have to add new VPN connection and choose the desired protocol: PPTP and L2TP (there are some variations of them so choose the one that your VPN provider advices). As I said earlier, here you’ll need VPN server hostname or IP address and your login credentials. You can name this connection as you wish. From my experience CactusVPN has a pretty good VPN connection and clear Android VPN tutorial.

Everyone wants some level of privacy when he or she is browsing the web, but there are some instances where you may feel that you need a little extra. By making use of these types of apps for the Android, you can guarantee your privacy and protection so that no hacker or website can take down your information or true location.

This can give you a greater peace of mind in knowing that your identity is safe. Not only can this protect your IP address, but it also protects your banking information and other valuable information from hackers who would like nothing better than to steal your identity. IP protection just makes sense when you risk browsing the Internet.

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